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About Us

Our Mission

The financial journey starts from the moment an individual starts earning. 
Prime Investment planners design solutions for every stage of that journey.
We ensure that our clients get expertise, knowledge, solutions & financial care- all of which forms the pillars of Prime Investment.
We at Prime Investment are dedicated to our clients, and we do everything we can to help them in their financial life.

Why Prime Investment?

Since, 1999 our firm has helped hundreds of individuals and families achieve their desired financial goals, raise their children, retire with dignity and a secured financial future with the help of self-designed financial planning, retirement planning, insurance planning and tax planning tools. Being the one stop shop of finance, we also cater products from stock trading, Dematerialisation, IPO, Mutual funds, Insurances, Debentures, Fixed deposits, Bonds and Real estate.

In short we are one Nest for all your Financial eggs.We work diligently by taking time to get to know our clients, give personal attention, keep up their trust and make sure that they reach their financial goals.

We are motivated with the idea that through your success comes ours. By believing in your dreams and aspirations, we craft your happy and wealthy life and an everlasting relationship with you, to be cherished throughout our journey together.

Our Key People

Dr Alok Garg


He is a Law Graduate and has Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. He is associated with company since inception. He has been part of Stock Broking Industry since 3 decades and is director of Stock Broking Company Star FinvestPvt. Ltd. through which he is actively advising clients in capital market. He is also Director of CBSE school in Ghaziabad by the name of Ram Kishan Institute. He was recently awarded a PhD in Education Management as well. He is the Mentor and Inspiration for all the people associated with Prime specially the founder for whom he is the Guru.

Mr Himanshu Garg


He is an Accounts graduate from Delhi University and has done Masters in Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship from Cardiff University, United Kingdom. Professionally he is a Financial Planner who provides fee – only financial planning advice. He has helped around 50 families plan and organize their financial life as per a structured Goal – oriented plan. He is also a Proud BNI member of Hercules chapter of Noida Region. He feels that it is important for everyone to start financial planning as early as possible. His burning desire is to spread financial literacy amongst the youth of our country. Other than being a financial planner he is a consultant and an avid financial speaker. He also coaches people who wants to be their own financial planner. He is passionate about dancing and loves watching movies.

Our Top Leader Clients :