Product : Dematerialisation

A demat account is one of the basic requirements to trade online and to convert physical shares into the dematerialized format. It facilitates in document free trade and transfer transactions. It essentially works on similar lines of a bank account. It holds the financial statements and certificates of the holder’s purchases of shares, bonds, government securities, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  Your shares are held in electronic format in a demat account. Trading account is necessary to buy or sell shares. Earlier shares were in physical format and the process of conversion of physical shares into electronic form is known as dematerialization. This process has overcome the many problems associated with physical shares such as damage, theft and fraudulent practice. You can even convert the demat shares to physical format by means of rematerialization. So what next? You have to open a demat account to start investing in the Indian stock market. Prime Investment is ready to assist you and take away all the burden and responsibility on our shoulders. 

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