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Product : Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds, a sort of financial intermediary, pools money from several investors to invest the collected funds in other financial instruments. These instruments are objectively researched by funds manager and declared to investors in form of offer documents. It is easy to enter or exit mutual funds, based on it types. When a fund is introduced in the market for the first time, it is known as New Fund Offer (NFO). 

Mutual fund is a portfolio which invests in securities like stocks, bonds, cash, and government securities etc and based on the securities the type of mutual fund and the objective of the fund is decided. Once the objective and category of the mutual fund is decided it becomes a mandate for the fund manager to follow it while designing the strategy of the mutual fund portfolio selection. 


It’s a way to invest in mutual fund. It stands for bulk or one time purchase in the mutual fund without any commitment of future investment. The amount is invested in mutual funds and the unites are allotted in t+2 working days where t= transaction. There is no date fixed by mutual fund AMCs for lumpsum inflow.


The inflow dates of SIP is decided by the fund manager and only on specified dates SIP inflow in mutual fund is allowed. Investor can choose auto debit or manual pay option for installments. The benefit of choosing an auto pay option is even though you forget your SIP date, system will automatically deduct the amount from your bank account in invest in mutual fund.

Mutual Funds are best way to invest if you want to reach your desired goal. We at Prime Investment help you reach that goal with the help of customized Financial Planning tools which you can find in the next segment. We help in investing in all the top Asset Management Companies (AMC) of India.

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