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Retirement Panning

Retirement Planning

It is important to understand why many fail at retirement planning. And one big reason is, they START LATE.

At times, individuals are unable to set aside the requisite amount of money needed for their retirement. They can contribute only a part of it, not all. As a result, they end up postponing their plans.

In our view, this is a wrong approach.

Instead, the right course of action is to start off with what you have and make up for the deficit at a later stage. On the other hand, if you decide to simply wait for an ‘opportune’ time, it might be too late by the time you start.

Another reason for failing to start is that a significant amount of money is often spent on providing for one’s present lifestyle, i.e. shopping and entertainment binges, leaving very little for retirement.

While the importance of satisfying present needs cannot be denied, it does make sense to take care of your future as well. Ideally, one must strive to strike a balance between the two.

Finally, perhaps, drawing up a strong retirement plan and saving for the eventuality – retirement. Maybe the thought of growing old and leading a rather sedentary lifestyle brings with it a certain degree of discomfort and discourages some from working towards their retirement plan.

However, such mindsets need to change.

Looking the other way will only worsen the situation. The solution lies in accepting retirement as an eventuality and being adequately prepared for it.

Making an early start is your best bet at being prepared! We at Prime Investment help clients with their Corpus Building as per their Living expenses so that they are covered even when they stop working.

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